Are you looking for professional hardball , airsoft and softgun equipment of high quality? If so, you've come to the right place. At Handelshuset Aulum, we offer a large selection of pistols, rifles, snipers , clothing, protection and general equipment that can lift the game and the experience on the field to new heights.

For more than 20 years, we have serviced hardball and softgun enthusiasts throughout Denmark, and we carry some of the absolute most recognized brands within pistols, rifles and snipers . Among others, Polarstar, G&G Armament , Krytac , Umarex , Action Army , Vortex , Hank Tactical , Gamo , Hatsan and Daisy. Check out the selection and find the equipment or weapons you are missing in the collection!

A professional hardball and softgun shop out of the ordinary

With more than 20 years in the industry, we dare to call us specialists in hardball / airsoft and softgun equipment and weapons. Whether you are looking for realistic clothing for hardball , so that you stand sharp for the next game on the battlefield, protective glasses or a cool full-face mask that protects you optimally or a high-quality 4.5 mm air rifle , you can find that with us.

At Handelshuset Aulum, you can upgrade your gear today, so that you get both a realistic and authentic look the next time you go to the battlefield.
With the largest selection of softguns and airsoft guns, regardless of whether they are pistols, rifles, shotguns/pumpguns, springers or snipers . In addition to this, we have everything in accessories and equipment, which is everything from spare parts, upgrade parts to tactical equipment, sights, shooting discs and propellants such as CO2 and Gas.

We can be particularly proud of our selection of air rifles, air pistols and pellets. You will therefore find both ammunition and weapons from budget-friendly brands such as Max Ranger as well as high-end air pistols and rifles from renowned brands such as Gamo, Hatsan and Umarex. When you visit our webshop, you can always be sure that we have a large selection of softgun and hardball equipment as well as bullets in stock, so you will never be short again. This of course also applies to airgun pellets and accessories for air rifles and air pistols.

Shop cheap hardball weapons and equipment at sharp prices at Handelshuset Aulum

Are you looking for professional and smart hardball , airsoft and softgun equipment at good prices? At Handelshuset Aulum you will find the absolute cheapest prices in Denmark, and we offer a Scandinavian price match on all products - Sale items are excluded.

This means that if you find a weapon, tactical equipment or clothing inspired by classic WWII war clothing at lower prices at other retailers, we will match the cheapest price (including shipping). We want to be your preferred dealer where you can find the best and newest softgun weapons and equipment at great prices.

You can advantageously check out our offer, where we continuously add products that are on their way out of the range or that deserve a higher price. So if you want to make a real bargain, take a look there. You will always find lots of good deals here!

Personal and welcoming service

Are you in doubt about which equipment you should get hold of? Or do you have questions about our various air pistols and air rifles ? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is always ready with good advice and guidance. You can contact our customer service department on +45 97 47 31 78 or by sending us an email to (We also do speak english)

Our store in Aulum is one large showroom where you can find all the products that we also carry on our webshop where all products can be bought online. You are therefore also more than welcome to pay our shop a visit, where, in addition to competent advice and guidance, you can also try our various pistols, rifles and snipers in your hands. You can even try our weapons on our small shooting range in the store, so you can get a proper feel for them.